Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Is Atheism the Way?

The early parents of humanity started with lonely livelihood. They hadn’t much people to talk or interact with. They resorted to soliquization or speaking out to the air and the thoughts and flashbacks become spirit inspiration to them. They were guided by the spirits on ways of life that is later to be defined as religion.

On the surface of religion, they built the human society and all other aspects of life like politics, social, crafts, and economics grew from there.

For example, as men began to multiply, they begin to form the societal order or government. For close to four Millenniums, leadership were based on religion that shaped all structures of human endeavours. The various governments covering various areas were headed by religious leaders and their territories absorbed with the practices or dogmas of their own religion.

For the reason and age of religions dominance on human activities, the world empire were built on religion and all activities tied to religious thoughts or beliefs.

When people began to embrace what they term as civilisation, they began to question the dominance of religion on human affairs. The first protest was to separate politics from government. This protest came at the instance of activities of religious monopoly, bigotry and dracollian way of managing human affairs. The protest ushered in what is termed as secularism; where some political leaders assume temporal but allowing the spiritual aspect of government to be spearheaded by religious leaders of their belief.

At this age, countries and statehood had emerged of which some took to theocracy being government by religious men or by other forms of government that allow for secular men to head government.

Religious and political leaders jointly managed the earth at all levels. After this stage, other endeavours like crafts or scientist began to seek for freedom from the control of governments. After persistence, they enjoined a sort of autonomy under governmental control. The science world did not develop empire outside of the one already developed by religious and political leadership. Thereby using all facilities already on ground.

About 200 years ago, some scientists began to profess agnostic and atheism. They began to abuse religion and all it stand for. Though they were maltreated by empiric religions but they were cut-off with the reasoning that true religion exists and compatible with science. True religious element also suffered terribly at the hands of the empiric religionists.

The atheists did not notice that but condemned anything that has to do with religion. By their activities, the atheists have too numerous questions to answer on what is seen as atheistic fallacies -that virus turned to cells- to beings like ape that gave rise to human beings. Totally, this is worst to the account of creationalism that they term as bullshit or stupid.

The creation account though without evidence is taken as a concluded occurrence before human age while the evolution claim evidence but gave account that has never been seen happening.

Even a Gorilla has never been seen giving birth to a human baby talking less of gorilla itself turning into human. Indeed that is the worst fallacy that has ever been heard with regards to human existence.

The atheism has no empire of its own making. It uses all facilities put in place by religion.
Presently, I put up debate with atheist group and they were able to find their position as a fruitless entity.

How can some scientists claim to be atheist while many of their banners and products bear religious signs and symbols like cross, star, snake or other religious relics?
For example, medical practitioners are basically scientists, but many of them hang cross or snake image in their clinics or banners.

Some manufacturers produces wears, utensils, beverages, drugs, electronics, electrical equipments etc and mark them with cross signs. The mathematical signs of plus multiplications are signs of cross and been adopted in science calculations.
Astronauts discover planets and gave them names of gods that the atheists claim that does not exist.

The atheist holds to religious rites, calendars and holidays that were drawn from religions. For example, the atheists have work-free days on Saturdays and Sundays, counts their days in accord to the calendar set by religious bodies. For example many of them in Europe hold to Gregorian calendar, yet they claim that religion has not provided evidence in its operations.

They bear religious names, example, they claim that Christ did not exist but same person bears Christian as his personal name- What a hypocrites. They use of all religious terms that have been culturated in languages that they speak and curriculum they specialise on.

They claim that cross sign adopted as plus and multiplication signs are drawn from Latin. Then, what is s Latin? Ancient language of Italians (Rome) who are the promoters of cross religiously? You will agree with me that Rome is the home of crosses.

Did Atheist realise that ancient Babylon, Egypt, Carthage, Persia and Rome adore crosses and used it as a sign of salvation, multiplication and addition before they added it in the academic terms.

The medical scientist add snake symbol coiled around cross as their emblem (logo). The snake symbol is drawn from the biblical account in Exodus where Prophet Moses was instructed to make a snake image and raise it amongst his brethren and that any of them that look upon the snake would not be smote by snake. This account was a wrong one because Yahweh cannot tell his Prophet to make snake image for their salvation while he used same Prophet Moses to destroy the image of calf that the people adored in the wilderness. Yet the medical scientist adopts the snake as their symbol of salvation.

It is believable that atheism is the worst concept that deals on the existence of the earth. While religion may have elements of myths in them, it had brought a stable and orderly human society in place. It has introduced numerous moral codes that brought decorum in the earth life.

What have we enjoyed since liberalism or humanistic tendencies began to hold swear? A world full of abominable characters, such as homosexualism, abortion, gay practices, lesbianism, bestiality, nudity, pornography, prostitution, mercy killings, terrorism, mass destruction, wars etc.

These afflictions on humanity in these few centuries surpassed the evil daggers of religion to humanity for four millenniums.

Truthfully, the earthmen started with true religion, disagreed to false religion and degenerated to non-religion (atheism) which is the expression of beastly nature in man that had been modified or conditioned for progressive society by religious activities. The world must watch out at these atheists bearing in mind that they are evil and for evil mission on earth.

The words of wisdom from Zoroaster said, “Thou shouldest be much arranging the world, for the word arranged by man is spirit destruction”. Upon the agelong belief in the existence of the Creator of the universe which is held by all religious sects in the universe, it is astonishing on the sudden change of mind by men of this age to profess Atheism or Agnosticism.

The word atheism means in its full explanation that there is no creator to the universe. Agnostic is a term coined by Thomas Huxley (born in 1825) whose theory was that he sees no evidence that there is Yahweh who created, loves and cares for the universe. To him believe can only be reasonable on what is physically seen than unseen.

The later part of twentieth century witnessed greatest attack on Yahweh and his existence. Men raised questions like what is Yahweh? Why is there need for Yahweh? People like Sigmund Freud, Frederic Nietzsche, Karl Marx and Ludwig Feuerbach were boldly heard with theories like “God is nothing more than the projection of man's imaginations”, “God is dead”, “Religion is the opium of the people”.

This attack on Yahweh accelerated to 1859 when Charles Darwin came up with the theory of evolution through his book captioned “ORIGIN OF SPECIES” in which he asserted that life or universe emerged by chance, where the right chemicals in their right quantities came together under the right temperature and pressure and other controlling factors with maintenance for a correct length of time. This theory was supported by great percentage of scientists who has before that period seen religion as the greatest enemy of mankind. To this scientists, the belief of the existence of Yahweh stiffens the opportunity to scientific discoveries. They prefer that the world emerged not by intelligent creation but through chance and haphazard process of evolution.

To the evolutionists, the man emerged from atoms which at a time turned into aquatic creatures, later into amphibious beings, later into reptiles and finally into mammals where man belongs at present.

The great question is, what factors brought this Atheism into existence? Truly, men started with real belief, later dropped into false belief and finally into unbelief. According to Prophet Yahmarabhi, atheism is the basest level of man’s negativity against Yahweh. The emergence of science, philosophy, secularism and materialism are major factors that influenced atheism. The activities of church in Europe in the middle age equally contributed to the outburst of atheism.

A French writer and philosopher P. Valedier explains it this way, “it was the Christian tradition that produced atheism as its fruit, it led to the murder of God in the consciences of men because it presented them with unbelievable God”.

Based on the church's position against science and discoveries, scientists were compelled to conformity and submission to church theories or face drastic persecutions. For instance, Copernicus and Galileo raised objections against church's position that the earth is the centre of the universe, and held that the earth revolves round the sun. This development made church to react negatively against both men. In that manner many scientists paid with their sacred lifes because of discovering theories against the position of the church.

When the scientists had breakthrough or liberation against the church, they reject almost  the entire theories or doctrines of the church. This point is explained by Will and Ariel Durant in “The Story of Civilization VII”. -The age of Reason Begins” as such “The thinkers of Europe-the vanguard of the European mind-were no longer discussing the authority of the Pope, they were debating the existence of God”.

As science brought better explanations to some natural laws that govern the operations of the physical world, they dismissed many ancient thesis as myths. For instance, the ancient folklore believed that the earth is held by four tortoise or turtle beings at four cardinal points, some assume that it was held firm by four elephants. When Newton came with the theory of gravitation, the ancient folklore was discountenance. The scientists questioned the possibilities of miracles, signs and wonders that were carried by sacred scriptures because they are of violation of natural laws.

Many more factors contributed towards striving of atheism in this modern era, for instance, the religious and social institutions have not properly explained why men suffer in this world. If there is Yahweh who cares for the entire creature, why is there great gap between the rich and the poor? Why natural disaster like Tsunamis, wars, poverty surges etc?

But the unanswered questions by the atheists or evolutionist are as the world is a display of arrays of designs or creatures, can there by a design without a designer? Can thereby be a building without a builder? If the universe came through evolution, why are men not experiencing changes or transformations in this era?

Why are we not noticing stones turning into biological cells? This evolution fallacy flourishes because up to this moment, Christianity is still making additions in creeds and styles of worship which the scientists sees as elements of non seriousness.

For instance, in April 1906 at Los Angeles evolved the Pentecostal Movement by William J. Seymour. He is the originator of modern day speaking in tongue which he referred as “unintelligible” and “unlearned” tongues. He claimed that it is the return of the Holy Spirit fire, known as “promise of the father” or “LORD'S Baptism” which he termed as the continuation of what happened at the day of Pentecost in Yerusalem where the disciples spoke in different tongues. How can the modern day speaking in tongue be referred as continuation of what happened at the Pentecost day? On the real Pentecost day, the tongues were heard by different peoples of different tribes and nations while the modern day speaking in tongues is not understandable by any tribe or nation. Such practices lure sincere seekers into doubts over church and its claims or credibility.

Again, the clergies compromising attitude to the terms put forth by atheists because of irritating scientist output fans atheism into great height. This point is in agreement with the “Encyclopedia of Religion” which says as follows, “most thoughtful and articulate clergy had worked their way to the conclusion that evolution was wholly compatible with an enlightened understanding of scriptures”.

The Pastors and Bishops suppose to stand bold against the theory of evolution by defending the scriptures they swore to defend. Atheism points its concern on seen world alone, i.e materialism. It cannot give adequate answers to the ultimate questions of life such as what is life? Why are we here? Is there some special state of conscious existence after death? What is the true nature of consciousness? Have we lived before and will we live again? Why is there such gross inequalities in the world?

These substantive questions have occupied the minds of worlds greatest spiritual and moral thinkers in ages past. The chief interest of the Atheists is on materialistic values. Their position in life cannot satisfy the longings of human mind which expects spiritual truths from us. Life cannot be balanced unless we properly address the spiritual position of man. Materialistic joys are momentary and trascient.

For instance, in 1932, 18-year-old Helen Madison held the world record in swimming. She had won 23 national championship in America, broken every world record and won three Olympic Gold medals. Thirty years later, she was spotted in a one-room basement apartment, a lonely, abandoned woman, forgotten by the world and dying of cancer and on the verge of suicide.

At this point, she was introduced to a spiritual life. Although Madison died one year later but she died with victory in her heart because she found what she has been longing for, something that wealth and fame had failed to give her-inner peace and satisfaction.

Just like Helen Madison, the Atheists and Evolutionist looks for satisfaction in the wrong places. They allow the pleasures and the standards of the world to distort their values. They attach great importance to fleeting (illusions) things like success, popularity and money and like her they find that these are not the answers to the aching need within mortals.The gross materialistics think that what they have is more than what they are, without realizing that the haves are not always the happiest of people.

A few years ago, a Hindu Billionaire in Singapore sadly said “I have everything money can buy except the peace of mind”. A Chinese businessman in Hong Kong was boasting about his many hotels, his million dollar shares and his numerous wives and in the same breath said with despair “but all these are nothing, empty nothing”.

Sweden in Europe and Japan in Asia are two of the most affluent and Progressive nations in the world. If material wealth, education and scientific progress are the answers to life's searching-questions, the people in these countries should be the happiest in the world, but they are not.

Statistics tell us that more people commit suicide in these two countries more than anywhere else in the world. In Japan alone, an estimate of 25, 000 people commit suicide each year. North America is both wealthy and progressive, yet someone attempts to take his own life in every 25 minutes. More people are crowding America's mental asylum and psychiatric clinics than any other time in the history of the nation. Why. Basically, because man is at war with Yahweh. He is seeking to oust Yahweh from his life. He wants to put gold in the place of Yahweh.

Is Atheism the way? Let us listen to Father Neuhans in his Column dubbed “The Public Square In First Thing”, in which he said “Even though western civilization is achieving its greatness in material success and technological advancement, it was loosing contact with the spiritual sources which gives it vitality and creativity”.

The world is to each man according to each man, it takes the world as it really is, and that man to make that man's world, and that mans world cannot exist without that man. As imprisoned bird cannot escape from the cage, so the ignorant of the truth cannot escape from misery.

Through derecognition of a supernatural being who designed the universe and all that dwells in it, the atheists are expressing their basest level of beastly nature in an intellectual manner. This is truth because when people turn away from Yahweh and face materials things, they face their doom. What is presently important is not the rehabilitation of our social or economic structures, but the recreation of man, It is only when men are properly recreated that they can respond to any world order.
Atheism is associated with the philosophical ideas of materialism: -which hold that only matter exists, communism: -which believes that religion impedes human progress, rationalism: -which asserts analytic reasoning over other sources of knowledge. Atheism is equally associate with systems of thought that rejects authority, i.e anarchism: -a political theory opposed to all forms of government, and essentialism: -a thought that emphasizes on absolute human freedom. As core materialists the atheists believe that even the gods were made of matter in the form of atoms.
Atheism and Agnosticism have aroused intellectual debates over the existence of Yahweh in college campuses, religious discussion grounds and in electronic debate forums on the internet. During debates, the atheists has argued the lack of evidences on creations, the heavenly origin of Yahoshea Meshiyach, his immaculate conception, his miracles, his resurrection and ascension unto Yahweh's kingdom. According to them, the answers they received from scriptures, pagans and Jewish sources are weak and doesn't merit acceptance. In the absence of the belief in Yahweh means that ethnic goals will be determined by secular aims and concerns. 

Subjects like the divine disclosures (Revelations), supernatural origin of the universe, an immortal soul and its associated belief in an after life and cosmic destiny are unnecessary to Atheists. These are mysteries which cannot be defined scientifically. A soul is million times smaller than the smallest Atom, it cannot be captured by any scientific apparatus. Its operation is above the understanding of the scientists.

The modern day unbelief is conceived out of church's violent and radical approach during the middle age. Let us look into the account of Richard Ingersol about church's violence, “The Church covered the whole Europe with dungeons and robbed men of the jewels of the heart, the church went into partnership with the tyrants of the thrones and between the two vultures, -the alter and the thrones, the human hearts were devoured”. Again he said, “If all the victims of Catholic church could be gathered together, a monument higher than all the pyramids would rise, in the presence of which the eyes even of priests will be wet with tears”.

Richard Ingersol continued “thousands of volumes of books couldn't contain the crimes of the Catholic Church, they could not contain even the names of her victims with swords and fire, racks and chains, dungeons and whips she endeavour to convert the world”.

The torch of persecutions to the scientists and their discoveries caused them to reject Yahweh and all his paths (religions).

To support this point, when the British Queen Mary was burning 300 scientists whom she termed as heretics at a stake, she made the following declarations, “As the souls of heretics are hereafter to be eternally burning in hellfire, there can be nothing more proper than for me to imitate the Divine Vengeance to burning them to earth”. (Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary) Queen of England (1557 1558) The history recorded such maltreatments of scientist and spiritualists who had opposite thesis with Roman Church. Forgetting that out of the intellectual sea, there is room enough for every sail, and in the intellectual air, there is space enough for every flight. Therefore the uprising brought out the beasts in the scientist who turn their anger against Yahweh for not intervening during the days of injustices and maltreatment against them.

These evil occurences brought about significant increase on scientists professing Atheism. Presently, an estimate of the 20% of the world population profess Atheism, Agnocism, Skeptism, disbelief and irreligion. Amongst others, the leading organization of unbelief in America includes the American Atheists, the committee for the scientific study of Religion and the internet infidels.

In reality, the true belief is compatible with scientific discoveries because it recognizes all the natural or physical rule of laws. The ancient writers of the Holy Originally Scriptures disclosed some of the scientific facts that is today the basic knowledge or in tune with modern day discoveries. For instance, the original scriptures bore that the earth is round and hangs on the air. It predicted that men will fly in the air etc. These astonishing facts today are feasible in the science world.

Yahweh the grand creator of the universe is the chief of all scientists and he wants men to seek for knowledge for his day to day running of the earthily affairs. It is the same church who taught that Yahweh created man in his image and likeness but placed a tree of knowledge of good and bad in the centre of the garden of Eden, which he commanded man not to eat to avoid man possessing knowledge. Churchism is the worker of modern mythology and ignorance.

Can an image of Yahweh exist without knowledge in him? Why should Yahweh restrict man from possessing knowledge? Is knowledge bad? How can he die when he eats of the fruit of knowledge of good and bad? Can one tree produce both fruit of good and of bad at the same time? If Lucifer introduced man to the fruit of knowledge, what is his offence to man? Can man replenish the earth without knowledge? Can he name all creatures without knowledge? Can Adam recognize his wife Eve if there was no knowledge within him? The story went ahead to account that a serpent was used by Satan to deceive the Eve and man came to his full consciousness after he has eaten of the fruit of knowledge of good and bad. And that Lucifer the Satan existed at the supernatural realm rebelled against Yahweh and been casted down to earth with his hosts of rebellions angels.

By such accounts or story how can Yahweh send his enemy unto man? How can he send a devouring spirit to mankind? Is man the cause of the rift in heaven? How can man suffer daily in the hands of Satan and his hosts? If Yahweh casted down Satan to man, would he not be held responsible for man's sorrows and sufferings? If Yahweh couldn't forgive Satan, how does he demand that mortals must forgive their follow beings? Do he expect man to be more righteous than him and do even the good he couldn't do? How can Yahweh at the end divide the people unto two and one and the majority will be handed to Satan while the righteous few will be for himself? Can man share his properties with his enemy? The judgment of wise Solomon explains that the owner of the property cannot allow it to be shared while an usurper who will always opt for its division.

The parable of the lost sheep explains that a lost and found sheep made the good shepherd happy and he declared merriment for it. How can Yahweh as a good shepherd celebrate on loosing majority of his flocks? If there is the law of sow and reap, can man be thrown into hell fire again while he sows and reaps at due seasons? Can an armed robber reap the same with a gossiper?

These accounts are added folklores and myths in the Bible by the copyists and translators who through their misdeeds influenced the rise of Atheism. Because through the Bible terms, the ultimate questions of life cannot be adequately answered and that became source of doubt to the Atheists.

Others doctrines such as existence of Satan, Heaven and Hell fire, Armageddon war are all against the natural or cosmic principles which the Atheists or scientist has discovered their working terms in bits. The teaching of  a sage said, “By the side of the old forever stands youth and joy, and when an old religion dies, a new one is born, when we found that assertion is falsehood a shinning truth will take its place, we need not fear the destruction of falsehood, the more falsehood, we destroy, the more room for the truth, Astrologers gave way for Astronomy, Alchemy gave way for Chemistry, Soothsayers gave way for Priests, therefore false preachers must give way for the teachers (the real interpreters of nature) to take its place”.

Therefore neither the false promises from fake preachers nor the materialistic tenderness of the Atheists can enrich the souls of humans. Down to centuries, countless men and women have made the momentous discovery that the wealth and pleasures of the world are here only for a moment and of a passing satisfaction, a transient happiness and a fleeting contentment.

Countless men and women have reached at the end of their tethers and turn to Yahoshea Meshiyach in desperation and found life treasure in him. They have got their eyes opened and their priorities set right and their true sense of value restored by the Carpenter from Galilee. Yahoshea has the answer to each yearning need within man, so there is no need of squandering your life in pursuit of passing satisfaction, (materialism) as an atheist or agnostic.